How To Choose Emergency Glass Repair

by | Jan 12, 2024 | Emergency Glass Repair

Emergency Glass Replacement – What you should know

When a window or glass door in your house is broken it is not always that easy to repair it yourself. This type of damage could leave you vulnerable to bad weather, insects, and intruders. When you are in this situation, you must find a suitable 24-hour glass repair company to assess the damage as soon as possible.

What to Expect from a Glass Company Toronto

There are several reasons why you may require an emergency glass repair service.

  • You may have been the victim of a home intrusion where the intruders broke the door or window glass to gain entry.
  • Your property may have suffered storm damage.
  • There may have been an accidental breakage of glass in your home.

Irrespective of the damage that exists, a 24-hour glass repair service company will be able to get to your property quickly to remove the danger of broken glass, and to repair or replace the damaged glass. The repair company will normally arrive in a mobile van that contains different sheets of glass panels of varying sizes. This enables them to replace any broken glass quickly and easily on-site.

Cost of Emergency Glass Repairs

The cost of having the glass repairs done may be covered by your home insurance cover. If you are not covered by insurance, it is best to obtain quotations from various reputable companies for the required work. The costs will vary depending on the extent of the damage and whether you need a patch-up or a full pane replacement. Some glass companies in Toronto will charge you for a call-out and thereafter you will be charged an hourly rate.

If you are planning on claiming the damage to your property on your home insurance policy, you should call the insurance company before you have the glass repairs done. This will ensure that the claim is valid and that you are following the correct procedures. Most insurers allow you to use a repair company of your choice, but it is best to confirm this before you have the work done.

If you wish to obtain a few quotes before you make a decision, you may have to cover the breakage with a temporary cover-up yourself.

There are many 24-hour glass repair service companies in Toronto and you should ensure that you check the company’s credentials and reputation before appointing them to do your damage repair.