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Storefront Glass Repair & Aluminum Repair / Replacement


As a business owner, you understand how important it is to keep your storefront looking great. Potential customers do judge you based on the first impression they get when they first see your property. You put in a lot of effort to keep the storefront clean and in good repair. However, there is one aspect of your storefront that is more important than you may think—the aluminum and glass doors and windows.

Whether you are looking for a completely new storefront design, or are just looking for storefront door repair, Concept Glass offers the solutions needed by business owners in the Greater Toronto Area.

10 Years of Storefront Glass Repair & Aluminum Repair

With over 10 years of experience in the business, Concept Glass knows all there is to know about storefront glass repair and storefront aluminum repair. We have worked with many leaders in Toronto business, giving us the edge we need to handle your job professionally as well.

At Concept Glass, our customers’ needs are our number one priority. Our excellent reputation is at stake every time we go on a storefront aluminum replacement job, so we will treat each customer like we would treat our best friend. This level of customer service is unusual in today’s business climate; however, we do not mind standing out from the crowd, especially when it results in superior service for our customers.

We are no strangers to working with difficult or unusual glass projects. In addition to normal storefront glass replacement, we will work with soundproof glass, bulletproof glass, storefront aluminum doors and nearly any other type of project you may have in mind for your particular commercial location.

One thing you can rest assured of is that when you choose Concept Glass for any project such as storefront glass doors or windows is that you are working with trained experts. Our glass installation team is the best in the business. Each technician has the knowledge and experience necessary to complete any storefront aluminum replacement or glass repair project with the upmost of care. This means that not only will the finished job look great today, but the quality of workmanship assures it will look great for years to come.

What really sets Concept Glass apart from the rest of the glass repair companies is that we really can do it all. If you have a question about your storefront window, display case, aluminum door or any other related project, do not hesitate to call or contact us. We will be more than happy to send a technician out to your place of business to see what the problem is and give you a low-cost estimate for the job.

Whether you are looking at straightforward glass repairs or need a full-scale renovation, we are here to you. We want to live up to your expectations when it comes to quality in workmanship and additionally give you the best possible customer service while at the same time saving you money. It may sound difficult, but Concept Glass wants the challenge of proving we are the number one commercial glass company in the GTA.