Commercial Door Installation – What You Need to Know

by | Jan 12, 2024 | Commercial Door Repair

The time has come to replace or install a new commercial door. you have all these ideas about how you would like it to look, but What about the company that installs commercial doors? Here I will give you tools to choose the right contractor for the job.

Commercial Door Installation – Contractor Checklist

  1. Knowledge – there are so many systems for doors in the market today. Ask your contractor to explain to you the differences and advantages each system gives you. If you feel like the contractor doesn’t know about the entrance door systems and tries to offer you only one system for me it is a red signal. Always ask Questions the contractor needs to answer directly and point out if he doesn’t, it is because he doesn’t know.
  2. Warranty – You must not deal with a company that will not give a warranty. Paying for a job and not getting any warranty is like throwing money.
  3. Hardware – Ask what hardware you you get and what brand in commercial door hardware there are so many manufacturers most of them high quality but some very low quality, You should know What you get for your money. Also, check that the hardware is heavy-duty for commercial use.
  4. Installation – Each installer has a different way how to install a commercial door, the main issue that you care about in the sealing ask and learn about it.
  5. Glass – glass for doors needs to be Tempered, ask and verify that you get Tempered Glass.
    Job Complete – Inquire about the date of Installation, If it takes too much time check with other companies. Usually supply and install time is 1-3 days for standard aluminum doors and 1 week – 2 weeks for custom doors.
  6. Price – Don’t look for the cheapest or the most expensive. Usually, the cheapest one will do cheap work with cheap materials and expensive probably charging you too much.
  7. Honest – The Most Impotent Factor. If you feel inside that the person in front of you is honest and telling the truth go ahead and give him the job, However, if you feel different even for a second look for someone else to do that job and this is for every deal that you do.

Honest contractors are hard to find but when you meet them you will know.